1 John Chapter 1

verses 6 to 9

Psalm 51

 A Christian's Foundation of Repentance

I was blessed as a young man to hear the message of repentance clearly and positively explained as a key to finding freedom in Christ.

Repentance sets us free.



because when I confess my sin

when I stand under the place of judgement

it is there I find God's mercy in Christ's sacrifice.

no other place.

He took our place and our place would have been under God's judgement.

false teachers have mocked the idea of God's judgement

but sin is destructive

sin hurts the sinner and or some innocent person sinned against

Repentance is more than being sorry for the consequences

It is hating the sin.

It is the way to receive forgiveness.

I want to share more later
as I want to respond to objections
and to explain theological drifts which occurred in the late seventies
which were unhelpful
and have weakened the lives of many Christians

lack of openess to being convicted of sin
has weakened the resistance of many Christians to temptations.

there are ancient walls to be rebuilt here

multitudes are listening to preachers who "tickle their ears"

some have "exchanged the truth for a lie"  Romans Chapter 1.
to justify many sins.

Where is our
  • hatred of sin
  • fear of God
  • resolve to resist temptation ?

we have been influenced by television drama  and the skits in advertising
we have sucomed to  passive entertainment
when we ought to be discerning.

and we have believed a lie that God excuses our sin.
He doesn't.
He can't.

"The wages (consequences ) of sin is death."

it's embedded into the fabric of creation, of our being.

psychologists (modern prevailing western school of thought)
seeing that guilt is a problem , have sought to lower the beam.

the Bible calls this moral compromise.

guilt is a serous problem and God has the answer

it starts with confessing , or admitting  our sin.

our greed, hate, rebellion, immorality, abuse and our reactions to offences.

Confession is not boasting, as some do.
Confession requires wisdom.

one ought not confess to a gossip
as gossip binds, binds with fear of rejection of those around us,
and shame.

such is not of God.

It is a great pity, a counterfeit when our trust is betrayed in such a manner.

   Biblical repentance brings
  • release.
  • a change in our behavior
  • forgiveness
  • restoration